Orders Shipped 1-2 Weeks Before Event Date.

Design Drafts


For all orders for personalised boxes, bags & candles, we do offer design drafts which we will emailed to you.

Design Drafts are sent between Monday - Friday of every week, If our workload is high, design drafts will be triaged based on the due date. ( Date of your event)

Please ensure that you review your design draft carefully. I create design drafts in high volume and human error can occur.

Please ensure you check all spelling and dates to ensure they are correct. 

Once you are happy that everything as per your design draft is correct, you will be required to provide your approval to proceed with creating your order. 


If we do not hear from you within 72 hours of emailing you the design draft, your design draft is deemed ‘approved’ and we will go ahead and create your order. 


Once you have approved your design draft, no changes can be made. No replacement or refund on your product will be offered if your design draft was approved by you, or deemed approved and upon receipt of your order there is an error.


Due to the handmade process of this product, slight imperfections may be present. There may be imperfections on foiled areas which is unavoidable due to the hand foiled process. It is possible for there to be some black visible where the foil has not adhered well. All care is taken to minimise any imperfections however, if any they should not be confused as a faulty product.


Text is NOT printed directly onto the candles. 



All orders are processed within 4-8 weeks of receiving your approval email.